Safi Scotch Bonnet

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Safi Scotch Bonnet

Capsicum Chinense

“Surprisingly good flavour and ripper heat”

Safi Scotch Bonnet is originally from Africa. The plants get to just under a meter high with dense medium green foliage and is an awesome producer. The pods get to about 5 cm long by 4 cm in diameter. They initially start off light green and finish a deep red. The pods are crunchy and not really seedy. Amazing initial flavour that bursts with sweet and fruity flavour, with a slight sweet tang.

This is a plant with surprisingly good flavour and ripper heat, grows really well although winter here in Australia. Looks spectacular with all the red pointy pods.

Flavour wise: Sweet, fruity with a slight sweet tang.

Heat level: HOT

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.

This AWESOME variety is related to the famous SCOTCH BONNET

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