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Ring Stingers Naga Liquorice


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Ring Stingers Naga Liquorice

‘Chilli Lollies with Ghost Pepper”

Ring Stingers Naga Liquorice is for Chilli & Liquorice Lovers. These Chilli Lollies contains Ghost Pepper. Dare you try one? We love them.

This is the Naga Liquorice with an amazing liquorice flavour and a great heat from the Nagas. They are that hot your mouth will be on fire.

Our  award winning Ring Stingers contain Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Scorpions or Naga/Ghost chilli and they are definitely not for kiddies.

With the range going from mild to wild, there will be a heat level for everyone. There are six variations: Mild Butterscotch Bombs, Mild Coffee Scorpion, Hot Strawberry & Chocolate Scorpion, the Extra Hot Naga Liquorice & the XX HOT Reaper Bombs.

Take a bag of Ring Stingers to work, leave them on the table and see what happens, when you’re off to get a coffee.

Warning: Very addictive. The perfect gift for a chilli head.

We call them “Chilli on the go”

These are the Extra Hot version of Ring Stingers.

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