Chilli favourites 

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Chilli favourites

‘A Selection of our personal varieties’

Every year we get new varieties and new chilli favourites. Some of the plants look sensational, others have a nice flavour or some surprise you heat wise. So each season we get new favourites. This is a selection of our chilli favourites. Some of them are underrated or unusual, but they definitely are amazing, if they are our favourites. The Chilli favourites pack contains:

  • Scotch Brain – One of the nicest chilli varieties we have ever tried. This beauty chilli goes into our top 10 favourite pods, due the sensational flavour.
  • Biquinho Iracema – ravishing rare Chinense variety that will take your breath away.
  • Orange Fish Pepper – A beautiful and rare looking chilli plant with their variegated leaves and multi-colored chillies.
  • Aji Crystal – a beautiful Baccatum and an amazing producer with a citrus flavour
  • Orange 7 Pod Pepper – a delicious tasting chilli with a great heat level.
  • Blue Christmas –  a gorgeous plant almost shaped like a christmas tree covered with colourful Christmas lights.

All in all Chilli favourites is a great variety pack of fantastic chillies with different shapes, colours, flavours and heat levels.

Heat level: From mild to wild

Shapes: You will get 6 chilli varieties with completely different shapes

Each of the seed packs contain 10-12 chilli seeds, so all in all between 60-65 chilli seeds.

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