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The Fairy Tale Pack

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The Fairy Tale Pack

‘An adventurous chilli pack’

We love to see kids outdoors, getting dirty, learning, and having fun. That is why we have made up this variety pack for you and your child to grow together.
Get your child to explore the process of growing their own chilli fruits. It will engage your child’s mind and give them a passion of growing their own vegetables.

Benefits for your child:

  • Increase the vegetable intake
  • Be physical active
  • Learning about gardening
  • Be proud
  • Increase their self-esteem
  • Parental involvement makes kids happier
  • Get quality time with mum or dad

The story about the evil witch Medusa in the Chilli Fairy Tale:

The wicked witch Medusa (Medusa Chilli) with hair made of living venomous snakes (Turkish Snake) wants to steal Princess Rosemary’s (Rosemary Pepper) crown (Bishops Crown) and her magic Jelly Beans (Yellow Jelly Bean).

The Pack contains:

  1. Medusa  (10+ seeds)
  2. Turkish Snake (10+ seeds)
  3. Rosemary Pepper (10+ seeds)
  4. Bishops Crown (10+ seeds)
  5. Yellow Jelly Bean (10+ seeds)

Heat Level: From mild to hot

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