Primo 7 Pot Pepper


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Primo 7 Pot Pepper

Capsicum Chinense

‘Pure evil disguised as a chilli pepper’

Primo 7 Pot Pepper is another insanely hot chilli created by Troy  Primeaux (Nickname – Primo – an American chilli grower).  This chilli is a cross between the Naga Morich and the Trinidad 7 Pot Pepper. While Troy was studying at the University of Louisiana back in 2005, he carefully cross bred these two super hot varieties to produce the Primo 7 Pot. As you may notice, it is very similar to the Carolina Reaper. What’s a fact is, Troy’s cross was available long time before the Reaper was introduced as the World’s Hottest Chilli.

This variety was destined to be pure evil disguised as a chilli pepper. It is excruciatingly hot. Are you are a true chilli head in love with insane heat?! Then this is one for you. A real beast of pod.

This plant grows extremely well in a pot and can grow up to a meter in height. The plant is a great producer of these AMAZING and evil looking peppers. The pods start of a light green and end up a fiery red with a wrinkly gnarly surface, when they are fully mature.

The Primo 7 Pot Pepper is an excellent choice for making your own extreme hot sauce. Another great option would be to powder them up and get a volcanic chilli powder.

If you are a lover of extreme chilli, you should give these a shot. This is one FANTASTIC looking plant.

Flavour wise: For a few seconds you get a sweet fruity flavour, with a slight tang. Afterwards you can’t taste anything for a long time – because you are on FIRE.

Heat level: Extreme – you won’t be disappointed.

10 Primo 7 Pot chilli seeds per pack

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