Murupi Amarela


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Murupi Amarela

‘A Brazilian beauty from the Amazon’

C. Chinense

Murupi Amarela is a rare and unique chilli variety  from the Amazon in Brazil.

The plant grows well in a pot to 60 cm in height, and it looks absolutely amazing with these crinkly creamy white pods. The pods start off a light green and turn into a creamy white, when they are ripe. Not only does this chilli look great, it is also a fantastic producer and easy to grow.

The pods are crispy with a great burn around habanero level. You will get an instant deep burn, that lasts for a long time. These would be great for a flavoursome powder, a chilli sauce or jam, in a stir-fry or casserole.

All in all the Murupi is easy to grow, a great producer, looks beautiful, and the pods taste delicious and with a great heat level makes the Murupi Amarela a definite one worthy to grow.

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Pods size: 6-7 cm long and 1 cm wide

Flavour: A sweet lemon citrus flavour together with the Chinense flavour as well

Heat level: Hot

10-12 chilli seeds per packet

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