Fijian Bongo Chilli


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Fijian Bongo Chilli

‘A Habanero from Fiji’

Capsicum Chinense

The Fijian Bongo Chilli is a beautiful habanero variety.  It grows well in a pot to a bit over a metre high and in the ground it would easy get to 1.5 metres. The Bongo Chilli is a sturdy and solid plant, that doesn’t need to be staked up. It’s a great producer of big beautiful pods, 6-7 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. They start off a nice light green and then go through a cool colour change until they ripen bright red.

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Flavour Wise: It seems thicker than a normal habanero, but not to firm and you get a light habanero flavour, that’s fruity and sweet. You don’t get the usual earthy habanero taste.

Heat wise: Hot, 10/15

 10-12 habanero chilli seeds per pack. 

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