Caterpillar Chilli


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Caterpillar Chilli

Capsicum Chinense

Aribibi Gusano or Caterpillar chilli is a very cool looking and rare little plant from Bolivia. Gusano means “Worm” in Spanish, so that’s where they get the name, as they look like a little worm or caterpillar, very very cool.

The Caterpillar Chilli is a beautiful looking plant. It grows to around 60 cm in a pot and has sort of an umbrella shape. An amazing producer of hundreds of pods. The pods are about 4-5 cm long, 1 cm  wide and look like a Caterpillar with their wrinkles. They start off a light green, then change to a creamy white and finishing white. Looks spectacular and is a new favourite of ours.

Flavour wise: Crisp and fresh with a sweet flavour

Heat wise: Stingy habanero heat. Surprisingly hot.

10-12 chilli seeds per pack


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