Cappuccino Habanero


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Cappuccino Habanero

‘One of the hottest habanero varieties you can get’

C. Chinense

The Cappuccino Habanero is a chinese variety from parts unknown.

A stocky plant that grows to about 60-70 cm in height. Easy to grow and is an amazing producer. You can almost say there are more pods on the plant than leaves.

First the pods start off a lime green colour and then they change to a beautiful cappuccino colour once they are ripe.

We really love this plant, the way grows, the colour of both ripe and unripe pods and the amount of pods it produces.

Very thick walled and crunchy pods with an initial chinense flavour and then a slight fruitiness comes through.  What is different with this habanero is the extreme heat level. It builds and builds till your whole mouth is on fire. Definitely one of the hottest habaneros you can grow.

If you love the chinense flavour and heat, this is one for you. Easy to grow, amazing producer and we can really recommend the Capputino Habanero.


Pod size: 4 cm long and 4 cm wide.

Flavour: It has the famous Chinense flavour with a fruity tinge.

Heat: Very hot

10-12 chilli seeds per pack




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