Borg 9

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Borg 9

‘Insanely heat level’

C. Chinense

The Borg 9 was created by Jon Harper in the UK. It is a cross between the Naglah and Bubblegum 7 pod and named after the famous actor Ernest Borgnine.

This is the F5 generation, so it is not 100% stable, but you can have a go at this crazy hot pepper. GET THEM WHILE THEY ARE IN STOCK.

The plant grows to a bit over a metre in a pot and would grow bigger, if you plant it in the ground.

The pods are golf ball size and start off a light green and end up red, when they are mature.

Flavour wise: Very surprising; it was like chewing on a piece of bubblegum, before the heat kicked in.

Heat level: Insane

10 Borg 9 chilli seeds per pack


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