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Yellow Jelly Bean Pepper


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Yellow Jelly Bean Pepper

Capsicum Chinense

Yellow Jelly Bean Pepper originates from Peru. It’s our favourite looking ornamental.

The plant grows to about 40– 50 cm high and is filled with what looks like little yellow jelly beans.  The pods  are insanely hot and you get a sharp hit of heat. The Yellow Jelly Bean Pepper is an awesome producer and a beautiful little plant in both looks and heat. It’s a great variety for pots, but also does well in the garden.

We use this chilli in this lovely Chilli Cheese Cornbread, but instead of 3 green chillies, we use 10 Yellow Jelly Bean chillies.

This chilli is part of The Fairy Tail pack

Flavour wise: Citrus flavour

Heat level:  Upper mid heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack


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