Yellow 7 Pod Pepper

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Yellow 7 Pod Pepper

‘One of the best chilli for a hot sauce’

Capsicum Chinense

The Yellow 7 pod pepper originates from Trinidad. An extremely hot chilli and our favourite variety due to the amazing fruity flavour.

The plant grows well in a pot to one meter in height and almost as wide. Big and bushy with big green leaves. However, when it is planted in the ground it can double in height. We had one that high, it grew over the fence and supplied the neighbor with these amazing huge yellow pods.

First the pods start off a light green and when they have changed to a beautiful yellow colour, they are ready to be picked.

This hot pepper would be a great choice for making your own hot sauce, a chilli salt or powder. If you want to use it for cooking, you will have to be very careful as the heat level is really hot.

One of the best producer of huge pods with a weight up to 22 grams. First the pods are green and then change to a warm yellow colour.

We use this variety in our Yellow 7 Turkey Slap Hot Sauce, Yellow 7 the Salt and  Yellow 7 Chilli Jam. As you can see, we love using this amazing chilli.

Yellow 7 pod is suitable for making a spicy powder or a hot sauce. If you are interested in making your own chilli sauce, we highly recommend ‘‘. It is a really good website, where you can find a huge range of easy CHILLI SAUCE RECIPES. You can learn how to make your own chili sauce, and you will find all the information you need on this website

If you cook with a 7 pod pepper only use a small amount, because it is extremely hot.


Flavour: Sweet fruity and fresh.

Heat Wise: Extreme

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.


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2 reviews for Yellow 7 Pod Pepper

  1. Andreas.pichowski (verified owner)

    I am growing these for the first time now, and they are absolutely amazing. The pods grow very large for a super hot pepper. They have very beautiful. Flavor is extremely fruity and juicy, only a hint of floral falvor. I would say it is one of the best tasting peppers I had so far. Then the heat kicks in. The burn is intense, but quite pleasant. It start fast and then builds for about 2 minutes. Then the cruises along for a couple of minutes.
    The plants grow quite large and produce a nice amount of pods. As the pods themself are large, you can expect a nice harvest if you grow them well.
    Highly recommended

  2. dufea1

    This variety of a yellow 7 Pod has a huge germination rate. It grows fast and big on the Window and produces huge and very heavy beautiful warm-yellow pods. They taste realy fresh, a little bit citric, so it has a very, very god taste. But it is true, you can taste this only a few seconds. Then your mouth is extremely on fire. Here in Germany it is a perfect Spice for Currywurst-Sauce (Currywurst: in slices cutted sausage with a kind of self made ketchup sauce. Curry powder and Chili are sprinkled on top.).
    Highly recommended!

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