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White Fatali Chilli


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White Fatali Chilli

Capsicum Chinense

White Fatali Chilli is from Africa. The plant grows to just under a meter tall in a pot and would probably grow bigger, if you plant it in the ground. It’s a stocky plant and a great producer. The pods are 4-5 cm long and turn from a light green to a creamy white and ripen white. The white Fatali chilli is very beautiful plant and the pods have the well known fatali flavour.  Because of the great aroma it would be very suitable for drying and powdered.

One of the hotter habaneros, pretty close to the traditional Fatali in heat.

Flavour:   You get the fatali flavour straight away, tangy, sweet and fruity

Heat level:  Hot

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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