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C. Chinense

Wartryx is a crazy hot C. Chinense variety from Matthew Arthur. He told us it’s a cross between a Trinidad Scorpion, a 7 pod Jonah and an Ubatuba Cambucci done by bees with a little help from Matthew positioning the peppers. After several years he  got the shape right and is now happy about the result.

Imagine a little chilli tree full of gnarly evil looking peppers, that is how this plant looks. In a pot it will grow to about a meter tall unless you choose to plant it in the ground then it will grow much bigger. The pods are as big as a golf ball, are fairly thin walled and have a soft texture. Colour wise they start of green and end up a red colour when they are fully ripe.

All in all this is an amazing variety and would be great for a super hot chilli powder or an extremely hot chilli sauce. Chilli heads around the world now have the change of getting this extraordinary variety.

Flavour wise: Floral flavour with a hint of citrus coming through.

Heat level: Extreme heat. They have a sharp and deep burn, that will build for a long time. The Wartryx is one of the hottest chilli peppers we have tried.

10-12 Wartryx chilli seeds per pack

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