THSC Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion

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THSC Chocolate Trinidad Scorpion

Is it a new record holder? We can’t say for sure, but we do know IT IS INSANELY  HOT

C. Chinense

We have been working on this strain for many years to increase both heat and pod size. Now it’s perfect and we can proudly introduce this as THE HIPPY SEED COMPANY (THSC) CHOCOLATE TRINIDAD SCORPION.

When this plant is grown in a pot it grows over a metre in height. However, when it is planted in the ground it easy grows to 1.7 m.

This is a productive variety and you will get a lot of big extremely hot pods.

The pods go from green to a nice chocolate colour when they are mature. They can get to the size of a tennis ball and are thin walled and light in weight. Heat-wise it takes the burn awhile to kick in, but when it starts, it will get hotter and hotter. The burn is deep and insane, and when you think “It can’t get any worse?” it starts to radiate throughout the body. One of the hottest we’ve ever tried.

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Flavour: Sweet and a bit tangy. We find it richer and deeper flavour wise, than all the other scorpions.

Heat level:  Extreme Heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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  1. will

    slow kicker and great produce in size,heat and flavor and it hurts so good lol

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