Scotch Brain Chilli


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Scotch Brain Chilli

‘One of the best tasting chillies you can get’

C. Chinense

Scotch Brain Chilli is a cross between a Scotch Bonnet and a Yellow Brain Strain 7 pod.  It is destined to be extremely delicious with an excruciating heat.

This plant grows extremely well in a pot and can grow easy up to a meter in height and is a fantastic producer! When mature it is filled with fantastic looking peppers. The pod ripens to a warm yellow with a bumpy surface and is about golf ball size.

This Scotch Brain Chilli is an excellent choice for a hot sauce. Another great option would be to powder them up and get a volcanic chilli powder. You can even cut thin slices and sprinkle them over your dish.

One of the nicest chilli varieties we have ever tried. This beauty chilli goes into our top 10 favourite pods, due the sensational flavour. The heat is ripping, but not nasty, so definitely one to grow.

It is not 100% stable. However, we have grown it for 3 seasons and they are definitely worth giving a shot. This is one FANTASTIC plant.


Pod size: Golf ball size

Flavour: Fruity blended with a nice chinense flavour

Heat: Extreme

10-12 chilli seeds per packet


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