Red Habanero

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Red Habanero

“A perfect choice for a hot chilli sauce”

Capsicum Chinense

The famous Red Habanero is originally from the Amazon region. It spread through Mexico and is now one of the most known chilli peppers in the world. Habaneros are well established in the Mexican culture and Yucatán in Mexico is one of the largest producers of Habaneros.

The plant grows well in a pot to 1.2 meter in height. It is a stocky plant and furthermore a very productive variety. The pods start off a green and then turn to a bright red colour once ripe.

The Habanero varieties come in many colours and shapes. This version is wrinkled with a tapered end and about 4 cm long  and 3 cm wide. This chilli will be hot enough to suit even the most dedicated chilli lover.

Would be great choice for making your own chilli jam, chilli sauce or a fantastic chilli powder.

All in all a stunning looking plant and an amazing producer of delicious tasting chillies, its definitely one worth growing.


Flavour wise: Hard to describe, it has the characteristic habanero flavour.

Heat wise: Hot, actually 40 times hotter than a jalapeno.

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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