Mako Kokoo Yellow


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Mako Kokoo Yellow

‘Easy Habanero variety to grow and a fantastic producer’

C. Chinense

Mako Kokoo Yellow Habanero is an amazing chilli pepper from Ghana in Africa. This is the yellow version of the very rare Red Mako Kokoo.

The plant grows well in a pot to about 80 cm and would grow bigger, if you plant it in the ground.

The pods are 3-4 cm long and 1-1.5 cm wide and very ribbed with thin walls. They start off green and end up a warm yellow colour.

Most noteworthy is how easy this chilli plant is to grow, and furthermore the amount of pods it is producing. An added bonus is the beauty of this variety. It is one of the best looking chilli varieties when it is full of those warm yellow pods.

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 Flavour wise: Sweet & fruity with a light chinense flavour coming through.

Heat level:  Medium heat and not as hot as the red version.

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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