Ghostly Jalapeno


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Ghostly Jalapeno

‘A Ghost Chilli and a Jalapeno crossed gives you a ghostly Jalapeno’

C. Chinense

The Ghostly Jalapeno is a cross between a Jalapeno and a Bhut Jolokia.  Created by American grower Jack Skaggs back in 2012 in Ohio. We are in love with the variety and it’s now the second season we are growing them.

The plant grows well in a pot to about 80 cm in height and is a fairly bushy type of chilli. Furthermore a really good producer of pods with a delicious flavour.  First the chillies start off green and ripen to a fiery red.

We were quite surprised by the delicious flavour of these chillies and the great heat level. It could be use in any dish requiring some heat, make a delicious spice powder, or you could pickled them.

All in all beautiful flavoured chillies with a heat level around habanero, easy to grow and a great producer.


Flavour: Initially you get a light bhut flavour, then it becomes sweet like an apple or a bean. They are delicious

Heat level: Hot

10-12 chilli seeds per pack


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