Daisy Cutter Chilli

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Daisy Cutter Chilli

C. Chinense

The Daisy Cutter will blow your mind. It’s named after the Daisy Cutter Fire-bomb used during the Vietnam war. This is the Matthew Arthur (MA) strain. Originally a 7 pod Jonah, so it’s not a cross. The plant grows to around a metre tall in a pot and they are bushy and looks amazing when it’s full of golf ball  sized pods.  The pods matures from green to red.

The Daisy Cutter 7 pod is a Capsicum Chinense and is another seriously hot chilli.  It produces a burn that is insane and will on going for a while.

The 7 pod chilli is from the Caribbean regions. It’s also called 7 pot, because it is said that one pod is is going to make 7 pots of food hot.

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Flavour wise: Light sweet, perfumed and floral flavour.

Heat level: Extreme – around 1.000.000 SHU

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.

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