Congo SR 7 pod Gigantic Brown


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Congo SR 7 pod Gigantic Brown

C. Chinense

The Congo SR 7 Pod Gigantic Brown is an amazing looking plant. Excellent flavour wise & one of the best tasting 7 pod peppers with an extreme heat level.

The plant grows to about 70-100 cm in a pot and would grow bigger if you plant it in the ground. The pods are 6-7 cm long and 4 cm wide. They start off a dark green and end up a beautiful brown colour.

Would be excellent for added heat to any meal. If you want to make your own chilli sauce or powder, this 7 pod would be a great choice.

All in all an amazing very rare 7 pod variety exclusive to The Hippy Seed Company and a few others.

Flavour wise: Medium walled and juicy. The second you bite into it, you get that 7 pod flavour and light smoky flavour as well. There’s no floral or perfume flavour that you can get with some super hots. LOVE IT.

Heat level: Extreme heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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