Chocolate Naga Brain


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Chocolate Naga Brain

Capsicum Chinense

If you can imagine a very sick looking brain, then you will have an idea of how these evil pods look.  When they are fully mature they are dark brown and wrinkly looking.

This is the Chocolate version of the Red Naga Brain – a cross between the Brain Strain 7 pod and a Dorset Naga.

The plant grows well in a pot to over a metre high and is a great producer. This variety is for the lovers of heat. It is a beast and will make you sweat tears. The pods ripens dark brown, with a wrinkly gnarly surface and are 3.5 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.

The Chocolate Naga Brain will be excellent in Indian food or cut in thin slices and sprinkled over your dinner.

This is a F6 generation so it not a 100% stable, but close. However, they are definitely worth giving a shot. This is one FANTASTIC eye catching plant.

Flavour wise: Instant Naga flavour coming straight through with a bit of sweetness to them as well. After a few seconds it is replaced by a fruity slightly floral taste.

Heat level: Extreme – you won’t be disappointed.

10-12 Chocolate Naga Brain chilli seeds per pack

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