Atomic Mushroom Yellow


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Atomic Mushroom Yellow

‘Also known as SB7J’

Capsicum Chinense

The Atomic Mushroom Yellow is a chilli variety crossed by Patrick from It’s a cross between a Scotch Bonnet and a 7 pod Jonah and this is the 7th generation, so it’s not 100% stable but close.

This habanero variety is a small chilli plant, that grows to about 60 cm high in a pot. It is therefore an excellent chilli plant for a terrace or a balcony. Not only is this chilli a great producer of cool looking yellow pods, it is also a bushy beautiful plant.

This is the rare yellow version of the Atomic Mushroom, but check out the red version as well. Not as hot as the red one, and with a completely different flavour as well.

The pods are as big as a golf ball, and start off green and ends up a warm yellow colour.

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Flavour: It has a sweet and fruity flavour

Heat level: Habanero heat, so pretty hot.

10-12 chilli seeds per pack


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