Yellow Naga Brain


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Yellow Naga Brain

‘For the lover of extremely hot chilli peppers’

Capsicum Chinense

The Yellow Naga Brain is a ripper of a chilli, and it will for sure be a painful experience eating it. A chilli from American chilli grower Gary Montcalm, whom send us the seeds. The Naga Brain is a result of a cross between the Brain Strain 7 pod and a Dorset Naga. This is the Yellow version, and we can also recommend the Red Naga Brain and the  Chocolate Naga Brain.

When this plant is grown in a pot it grows to about one meter in height, and is an incredible producer of insanely hot chillies.

If you can handle this chilli, you are truly a lover of HEAT and the Naga Brain will be one for you. However, it will make you sweat tears.

When they are fully mature they turn yellow and are wrinkly looking.

Excellent in Indian food, or cut in thin slices and sprinkled over your dinner. This chilli will also be suitable for a hot sauce or a spice powder.

All in all, a eye catching fantastic looking plant with an insane heat level.


Pod size: 5 cm long and 4 cm wide

Flavour: Fruity and juicy

Heat level: Extreme – you won’t be disappointed.

10-12 Yellow Naga Brain chilli seeds per pack

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