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THSC Purple Reaper Chocolate


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THSC Purple Reaper Chocolate

‘Get ready to release insanity into your chilli patch’

Capsicum Chinense

The Purple Reaper was created by Carlos Jr from Brazil and we have grown it for a few seasons now. Nature is amazing, because out of the new lot of Purple Reapers we grew this season a Chocolate pheno popped out. We call it THSC Purple Reaper Chocolate, and it looks sensational. This is not a stable strain yet, however due to the extreme heat level and the look of this chilli, we want you to have a chance of growing this beast. We can promise you, we will spend the next many years stabilizing it.

The plant grows well in a pot to a bit under a meter in height, however it spreads out over a meter in width. What is amazing about this plant is the black stems and a purple tinge going through the leaves. Furthermore it’s an amazing producer of the most excruciating hot chilli peppers. They might be the hottest chilli we have ever tried.

First the chillies start off green, then they change to purple and finish of a chocolate colour.

THSC Purple Reaper Chocolate will blow your head off and not for the faint-hearted. Warning: Use gloves when you handle this beast and have a separate chopping board.

This outrageously hot pepper would be a great choice for creating your own hot sauce, a chilli salt or super spicy powder.

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Growing tip: Shade is what this variety likes, so don’t give it full sun all day.

Pod size: 4-5 cm long and 3 cm wide

Flavour: Initially you will get that reaper floral flavour, then a bit fruity and a slight bitterness comes through.

Heat wise: Extreme. You will feel like you get a soldering iron shoved down your throat. It is one of the hottest pods that have ever tried.

10 THSC Purple Reaper Chocolate chilli seeds per pack


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