Red 7 Pod

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Red 7 Pod

Capsicum Chinense

The Red 7 pod is a seriously hot chilli variety from Trinidad. There are a several strains of the 7 pod pepper and this is the one you could say is the original one.

The  7 pod peppers are from the Caribbean regions. It is said that “one pod is is going to make 7 pots of food hot”, and that is how they got their name ‘7 pod/7 pot’.

A really nice bushy looking plant that grows well in a pot, and if  you decide having it in a garden bed, you will get a much bigger plant.

The pods looks like the Bhut Jolokia in their shape and mature from green to bright red. Just take a look of the pod and you know it’s hot.

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Growing tip: Don’t give it full sun all day. It loves the warm weather, jut not direct sun all day.

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Flavour: Great fruity 7 pod flavour.

Heat Wise: Extreme

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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  1. Mark F

    Having bought this from you in 2015, and after a successful first crop, i have been applying a pinch to my cooking… Intense. 7 pots indeed. One day i took my pinky and dabbed it on the placenta and popped it into my mouth, keep in mind im new to this level o heat, anyway i can only describe it as putting the wrong end of a cigarette onto my tongue. My first supa hot experience.

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