Malawi Piquante Pepper


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Malawi Piquante Pepper

‘Amazing for pickled chillies’

C. Baccatum

The delicious Malawi Piquante Pepper is also known as the Peppadew. It was discovered in 1993 in South Africa and now everybody knows this delicious chilli stuffed with cream cheese after it was introduced to the culinary world. It looks like a cross between a mini capsicum and a cherry tomato.  It is easy to grow and even if you grow it in a pot it gets to about 2 meters.

All in all  it’s great variety with a long season and furthermore a fantastic producer. Amazing for pickled chillies.

Fantastic for pickling and you can find a great recipe, if you click on this link here: Pickled Piquante Peppers

Growing tips: It doesn’t like full sun, so give it 50/50 sun and shade.

Flavour wise: It’s so sweet and fruity. Pickled and stuffed with cream cheese and chives you will feel you are in heaven, when you eat them.

Heat wise:  Mild to medium heat with a little pleasant burn.

10-12 Piquante chilli seeds per pack

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