Leutschauer Paprika


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Leutschauer Paprika

C. Annuum

Leutschauer Paprika is a wonderful pepper from Hungary. It is originally from Leutschau in Slovakia, but it was brought to Matufred in Hungary in the early 1800’s. The plant grows to about 60 cm tall, a prolific producer and easy to grow.

The pods are thin walled, about 7 cm tall and 4 cm wide and ripen from green to a bright red. They are used for drying into a premium hot paprika powder.

Excellent for drying, stuffed, chilli jam and powders. When you dry them, it brings out the flavour and makes a great paprika.

It is perfect for making your own Paprika powder!

Flavour wise: Very sweet, crunchy and juicy.

Heat level: Medium heat

10-12 Leutschauer Paprika chilli seeds per pack

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