Hawaiian Chilli Pepper


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Hawaiian Chilli Pepper

C. Frutescens 

Hawaiian Chilli Pepper is a popular variety used all over Hawaii for various food delicacies. This chilli pepper is small and similar to the Tabasco – small and packs quite a punch. Originally the pepper spread all over Hawaii, because birds would eat the chilli pods and later the seeds would be transferred to the ground via the birds feces, the seeds would then thrive and sprout.

This chilli plant is beautiful, big, bushy, and easy to grow. When it is grown in a pot it grows to approximately 1.5 metres (4.9 feet) in height, it will grow even bigger if it is planted directly in the ground. The pods have a great salty flavour and ripen from light green to a beautiful bright red.

This chilli is a great choice for anyone looking to make their own savory hot sauce.

Link to recipe for hot sauce using Hawaiian Chilli Pepper or Tabasco: Hot Sauce

Pod Size: 
2 cm long x 0.5 cm wide

Flavour: Savory, salty

Heat Level: Upper Mid Heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack


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