Chocolate Fatali


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Chocolate Fatali

Capsicum Chinense

The Chocolate Fatali is an amazing looking chilli variety from Africa. It’s a beautiful looking plant, that gets to a about a meter in a pot and bigger, if you plant it in the ground. They love water, semi shade and a bit extra feeding like the normal Fatali.

Taste wise it’s pretty neutral with a mid heat, so would be a great cooking chilli, cause it won’t overpower the dish heat wise. If you eat the chilli pepper raw, you’ll get a great all over heat glow, that goes a good 5 minutes and it will slowly build. So  not a killer heat and one anyone can try.

Overall a great plant and for those not into a lot of heat, this would be perfect plus it looks good too. A great addition to any garden.

The Chocolate Fatali is part of THE HOT CHILLI CHOCOLATE PACK’  – a variety chilli seed pack.

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Flavour wise: Taste like a capsicum

Heat level: Mid heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.

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