Cheiro do Norte Chilli


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Cheiro do Norte Chilli

‘A Brazilian Beauty’

C. Chinense

From Brazil comes Cheiro do Norte Chilli a stunning Chinese variety. In a pot it grows to 60 cm, but it will probably grow to a metre or so in the ground.

It’s such a beautiful chilli full of peach/cream coloured pods that really stands out. Cheiro do Norte has a fantastic taste, a light habanero flavour with a sweet and a slight fruit tang as well. Heat wise not that hot.

A great use of this chilli is in salads, with fish and any dish not requiring a lot of heat.

They grow really well, look great and great flavour so one worth growing and on of our favorite habaneros.

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Flavour wise: Sweet and light fruity tang.

Heat level: Medium

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.


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