Big Yellow Mama


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Big Yellow Mama

‘It is big and it will make you scream for your mama’

Capsicum Chinense

The Big Yellow Mama is a chilli variety created by Troy Primo – an American horticulturist and chilli grower.  This is the yellow version of The Big Black Mama, a cross between the Naga Morich and the Douglah 7 pod. It is destined to be extremely painful as it is excruciatingly hot.

‘Are you are a true chilli head in love with insane heat? Then this is one for you. A real beast of pod’.

This plant grows extremely well in a pot and can grow up to a metre high and is a fantastic producer! When mature it is filled with fantastic looking peppers. The pod ripens to a warm yellow with a bumpy surface and will be approximately 5-6 cm long and 3 cm wide.

The Big Yellow Mama Pepper is an excellent choice for a hot sauce. Another great option would be to powder them up and get a volcanic chilli powder.

We can’t say for sure which generation The Big Yellow Mama is or if it is a 100% stable. However, the plants we have grown so far, has turned out exactly like they should and in our opinion, they are definitely worth giving a shot. This is one FANTASTIC plant.

Flavour wise: When you eat them fresh you a light citrus and fruity flavour, but dried the pods get a light smokey flavour as well. Afterwards you can’t taste anything for a long time – because you are on FIRE.

Heat level: Extreme – you won’t be disappointed.

Each seed pack contains 10+ chilli seeds.


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