Aji Panca Red


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Aji Panca Red

C. Chinense

Aji Panca Red is a new variation of the well known Aji PancaIf you are a fan of the brown and mild version, but would like some more heat, this is one for you. Heat wise this chilli is in a whole other level than the brown version, because it is HOT. However it still has the fantastic berry sweetness and a slightly rich smoky flavor. Originating from Peru and is frequently used in the Peruvian cuisine.

The plant grows well in a pot to around 70 cm in height and is very bushy.

The pods are long tapered pods about 7-8 cm’s long and 2 cm wide. They change colour from a medium light green to red.

Aji Panca can be used in any dish and would make an excellent paste or a powder. Ideal chilli for making a hot Mexican Mole.

Flavour wise: It has a berry like, fruity flavour and an aromatic smoky taste.

Heat level: Upper mid heat

10-12 Aji Panca Red chilli seeds per pack

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