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Butch T Scorpion


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Butch T Scorpion the former Worlds Hottest Chilli

The former worlds hottest chilli is the legendary Butch T  Trinidad Scorpion. 

Originally from Trinidad, the former worlds hottest chilli has a SHU rating of 1.463.700.

When Neil tried the Butch T Scorpion for the first time, he said: ” My Tongue felt like it was going to leave my mouth, and I lost my sense of taste for nearly 2 days. Seriously Hot and not for the Faint hearted”.

The Butch T Scorpion plant grows to over a metre tall in a pot or bigger in the ground. Produces heaps of nuclear hot pods with a very characteristic shape and sharp pointy tail, resembling its scorpion namesake. The pod matures from green to red.

Heat level: Dangerously Hot 10+++    10+ seeds per pack

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