Hinkelhatz Yellow


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Hinkelhatz Yellow

‘Hinkelhatz Yellow a Chilli pepper from Pennsylvania’

Capsicum Annuum

Hinkelhatz Yellow originates from United States of America, and was named by its Pennsylvania Dutch growers. A rare heirloom chilli pepper which translates to ‘chicken heart’, which should describe its size and shape.

The plant grows really well in a pot to 50 cm in height and is a great producer of these cool looking chilli peppers.

First the pods start out green and end up a warm yellow colour once they are mature. We also have the red version of the Hinkelhatz with a slightly different flavour and milder than the yellow version.

This variety would be fantastic for a chilli powder, so dry the pods and powder them up, or try and pickle them. They can also be used as a cooking chilli, as they won’t overpower the dish.

All in all a great little chilli variety with a surprising heat level, a great producer and easy to grow.

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Pods: 3-4 cm long, 3 cm wide tapering down to about 1 cm.

Flavour: It is tangy.

Heat: The heat kicks in after 3 seconds. Upper mid heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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