Criolla Sella


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Criolla Sella

‘Bears chilli in abundance’

C. Baccatum

Criolla Sella is from Bolivia, also known as Aji Criolla Sella. The plant is bushy and grows to about 50-60 cm in a pot. It would grow bigger if you plant it in the ground.

This chilli bears hot peppers in abundance, it is an absolutely incredible producer and will provide you with more pods than you could ever dream of eating. Fruits turn from green to warm orange. Not only is this chilli a great producer is also super easy to grow, so this is a fantastic chilli if you are a grower who is just starting out.

If you live in a cooler climate, this variety would be a good choice, due it has a long season and can handle the cooler weather.

Would be great for stir fry, fish or dry them you will get an amazing chilli powder.

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Pods size: 4-5 cm long & 1 cm wide

Flavour: Very citrusy

Heat level: Hits straight away, stingy burn, 7/15

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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