Blondie Chilli

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Blondie Chilli

‘A chilli from Scandinavia’

C. Baccatum

It is not often we have a chilli from Scandinavia, but here we have ‘Beautiful Blondie’ full of creamy white pods.

The plant grows well in a pot to just under a metre high and even bigger if you plant it in the ground.  As a Baccatum variety they are gangly and go all droopy from the weight of the pods, therefore a few plant stakes will help carrying the heavy branches.

The pods start off a really light green, then white and some get a little purple tinge through them. It can be difficult to demine when they are ready to be picked, we recommend to leave them on the plant until they are creamy white.

This rare chilli plant looks stunning with creamy white pods and would suit any garden.

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Pods size: 5-7 cm long and 1.5-2 cm wide

Flavour wise: Citrusy with a bit capsicum taste as well. Similar to the Aji Lemon. Sweet and tangy at the same time.

Heat level: They have a solid stingy burn just under habanero level, so an upper mid heat – 8/15.

10-12 chilli seeds per pack


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