Bert the Chilli


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‘A delicious chilli with a mid heat level’

C. Baccatum

The chilli that got Neil interested in growing chillies and started him with his chilli obsession many years ago. A friend of Neil had Bert the Chilli in the backyard. It was massive and had hundreds of pods on it.

The plant is a prolific grower and an awesome producer. If you plant it in the ground it can get up to 10 feet tall. Bert the chilli is a C. Baccatum from unknown origin.

The pods are 7-8 cm long and 2-3 cm wide, they start green and end up red.

Our our favourite chilli for pickling, but it would be a great chilli for any dish.

All in all an amazing variety for those not into extreme heat. You will be picking chillies all season long.

Exclusive to The Hippy Seed Company

Flavour wise: Sweet with a light capsicum flavour and a hint of apple.

Heat wise: A nice mid heat. A chilli for every one.

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.

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