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Aji Lemon Chilli

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Aji Lemon Chilli

Capsicum Baccatum

Aji Lemon Chilli, Capsicum Baccatum, is originally from Ecuador or Peru.  Also known under various other names:  Aji Limon, Lemon Drop or Hot Lemon Chilli. The plant grows to about 1 meter in a pot and would grow bigger, if you plant it in the ground. The fruits ripen from green to a pure lemon yellow. The pods are small and measures 5 – 7 cm long and if you dried this chilli, it becomes wrinkled and tapered. The fruits have a strong citrus overtone and goes really well with seafood, stir fries or Thai food to give that citrus hint of flavour.

The Aji Lemon Chilli is a beautiful plant and an awesome producer. A most have chilli in your chilli garden.

Flavour wise: Really fruity and citrus like taste

Heat level:  7-8/15

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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2 reviews for Aji Lemon Chilli

  1. Andreas.pichowski

    This is one of the “must grow” peppers. They have a very strong unique citrus / lemon flavor. For some people they taste “soapy” and they don’t like them that much. Others will absolutely love them and keep asking for more every season. The plants grow a little more vine-y than a Habanero, but they produce quite heavy even later in the season. I got over 400 peppers out of my plant last year.
    If you are note into the “soapy” taste you can dry them and use them as flakes or powder, but they make a nice fresh snack right off the plant too.
    Heat is medium, comparable to a Cayenne Pepper.
    Highly recommended.

  2. joanne-lacroix


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