Takanotsume Pepper



Takanotsume Pepper

Capsicum Annuum

“Great in anything that needs a bit of a punch”

Takanotsume Pepper comes from Japan. It’s  also known as the Hawk Claw Chilli, probably due to its talon shape. The plant grows to about 50 cm in a pot and would grow a bit bigger, if you plant it in the ground. The pods grow upright in clumps and are about 4-5 cm long. Ripen from light green to red when mature. It has a stingy hot burn that lingers and would go great in anything that needs a bit of a punch. Used in the Japanese cuisine. Great looking little plant.

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Heat level:  Upper mid heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

Additional information

Weight 0.001 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 0.01 cm


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