Sugar Rush Peach


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Sugar Rush Peach

C. Baccatum

Sugar Rush Peach  is an amazing chilli variety, that was given to us from Chris Fowler in Wales. The plant grows to over a metre in a pot and  it can grow to over 5 feet tall, if you plant it in the ground. We have been told it is the only Peach coloured Aji type there is.

The pods have a cylindrical shape with gentle ridging that tapers at the end. They start off with a light lime green and ends up in a beautiful peach colour.

Like many of the Aji varieties, they have a very long season and produce lots of these amazing peppers during the season.

You will understand the name, when you taste it, cause you get a sweet rush of chilli juice. What a perfect name for this chilli “Sugar Rush Peach”

Flavour wise: It is amazingly sweet and juicy. The sweetest we ever tried. It is like taking a bit of a sweet peach with a hint of citrus.

Heat level: Medium heat, 7/15. A chilli everyone can handle.

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.

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