Korita Pepper

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Korita Pepper

Capsicum Annuum

“The Korita Pepper is a chilli for EVERYONE”

Korita Pepper is a chilli that originates from Mexico. The amazing thing about this chilli pepper is that when you dry them, they turn into little Maracas – those rattling instruments often used in Caribbean and Latin music.

The plant grows to about a metre tall in a pot but would grow bigger, if you plant it in the ground. The pods are 5 cm long and 2-3 cm wide. They ripen from green to red, and matures to a brownish red.

They would be great in a salsa, a vegetarian meal, a stir fry, a soup, or a curry, because the heat is not too overpowering and therefore complements the meal quite well.

Try this chilli in a chunky guacamole – it is so delicious.

Exclusive to The Hippy Seed Company and a few others.

Flavour wise: Light sweet capsicum

Heat wise: Upper mid heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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