Aji Mango Stumpy


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Aji Mango Stumpy

‘Amazing looking chilli peppers’

C. Baccatum

Aji Mango Stumpy is a Baccatum variety of unknown origin. A beautiful looking plant full of orange chilli peppers with a fantastic flavour.

This chilli is very tall and gangly, therefore you will have to use plant stakes to support it, when it is full of pods.

It grows well in a pot to around 1.5 meter in height and is a great producer of delicious chillies.  The pods start off a light green and turn to a warm orange once they are mature.

A great chilli to use in cooking, or it would be a great choice for a chilli powder. They would also make a great chilli jam.

All in all an amazing looking plant, a great producer of upwards growing chillies with sweet and fruity flavour.

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Pod size:  4-5 cm long and 3-4 cm wide

Flavour: Very sweet and fruity. When you dry them, they get a slight smokey flavour.

Heat level: Medium heat. A chilli for everyone

10-12 Aji Mango Stumpy chilli seeds per pack.

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