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C. Pubescens

The Locoto originates from Ecuador. It’s in the Pubescens family and is similar to Rocoto Red and the Manzano. The Pubescens species has some very interesting characteristics:

  • The stems and leaves are hairy(Pubescens is Latin and means reach puberty, become hairy or botanically it means covered with fine short hair)
  • Contains more Dihydrocapsaicin than capsaicin resulting in a different burn.
  • The flowers have blue/violet petals
  • The seeds are black
  • The species is more resistant to cold than other species. They are adapted to 4-21 degrees Celsius

This variety grows more low and wide where the Rocoto Red are much taller. It’s a great producer of hot meaty pods and would be excellent for a chilli sauce or a paste.

The pods are 5 cm tall and 2.5 cm wide, contain black seeds and are very thick walled. They start off green and end up a bright red colour, when they are fully mature.

All in all an amazing variety and if you like your Pubescens variety hot, this Locoto won’t disappoint.

Flavour wise: Very sweet and juicy , plus very firm and thick in consistency

Heat level: The heat kicks in fast and they are hotter than the Rocoto Red and Manzano Orange. They have a really deep all over burn. Upper mid heat.

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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