Growing Instructions

 Growing chilli from seeds

  1. When: Spring is the best time to plant your seeds. If you start too early the seeds wont germinate. You can start before spring, but then you’ll have to start them inside on a heat mate and use growing lights when they have sprouted.
  2. Heat: All chillies love heat. The ideal way is to keep a constant soil temperature at 26-32 degrees Celsius. We use a heat mat, a mini green house and a soil thermometer. A heat mat and a soil thermometer can be purchased from Ebay. You can use a warm spot such as on top of the fridge or use your window sills.
  3. Different germination methods: We start our seeds in Jiffy Pellets , but you can use pots or multi-cell seed trays. It is our experience that seeds germinate faster if you plant 3-4 together. Make 3-4 holes in the Jiffy Pellet, put a seed in each hole. Please look at our “germination videos” on our YouTube Channel. Check out this Jiffy Pellet video and see how Neil plants seeds using a Jiffy Pellet. If you use pots or multi-cell seed trays lightly cover your seeds with a basic seed starting mix.
  4. Moisture: It is important to keep the seeds medium moist during the germination. A small mister is the best to use rather than pouring water over them. If you use pots the seeds should be covered with a clear plastic cover for example plastic wrap to retain moisture and humidity. Once the seedlings emerge, remove the cover. If you use Jiffy’s, place them in a mini green house or plastic container.
  5. Germination time: Between 2-5 weeks. Some varieties take longer time to sprout.
  6. Transplant: When the seedlings have two sets of leaves, they can be transplanted into bigger pots. You can let them grow bigger though without any problems, before you transplant them. If you have 3-4 seedlings in one Jiffy Pellet, remove the thin mesh and separate them gently.
  7. Sun: Once they are transplanted keep them in the shade for some days. Chillies love heat, but not full sun. We use shade cloths to protect them.
  8. Fertilizer: Chillies need fertilizer about once a month (in pots once a fortnight). We use Rooster Booster, a slow releasing fertilizer or Seasol, but you can use a fertilizer labelled for fruits and vegetables. Too much fertilizer can burn plant roots. Don’t use fertilizer, before you have transplanted your seedlings as it may burn them.
  9. Watering: Don’t let your chillies dry out, give them a bit of water every day. If it’s very hot twice a day.
  10. Video instruction: Check out The Hippy Seed Company’s YouTube Channel. We have an instruction series containing different ways on how to germinate your chilli seeds, how to prune your plants and lots of other good videos.
  11. Important: If you aren’t going to sow the seeds you bought from us within a month, it is a good idea to take them out of the plastic bag and put them in a little envelope. Store them in a cool dark place for example in a drawer.

We hope this information about growing chilli from seeds was helpful – check out these instruction videos:





“Happy growing from Neil & Charlotte – Your Chilli Experts”