The World’s Hottest Chilli

The World’s Hottest Chilli


The 19th of November 2013 the World got a new World Hottest Chilli  – Carolina Reaper

The Carolina Reaper was measured at 1.569.300 SHU. The former Recorder Holder was the Butch T Scorpion with a SHU at 1.463.700. The Hippy Seed Company had the record for the world hottest chilli together with Marcel de Wit and Mark Peacock from 1st of March 2011 till November 2013.

Congratulation with the new record to Ed from USA. Try our World Record Pack if you want to grow some of the record holders.


Guinness World Record

Here is our story about, how Neil Smith got the former world hottest chilli.

Butch Taylor is a dear friend to us and he sent us the seeds to Neil many years ago.

Neil is dyslexic, so instead of trying to trying to write a description about how the plant looks, the heat and flavour, he  started as the first person making chilli reviews on YouTube. Now we have over 350+ chilli reviews on YouTube.

Back to the story about the world hottest chilli – it was time to make a review of the Butch T Scorpion, so the 21st of February 2009 he made his first review of the Butch T. Neil lost his sense of taste for days, his tongue felt swollen and had to go to bed after the test. Neil named the chilli the Butch T Scorpion after Butch Taylor, who sent us the seeds.

For years Neil claimed the Butch T was the hottest chilli in the world, but no one believed him and he could not afford to get it tested. In 2011 Marcel de Wit from The Chilli Factory paid for the test and Neil, Marcel and our scientist Mark Peacock apply for the Word record.

In March 2011 we got the Guinness Record for the world hottest chilli together with Mark Peacock and Marcel  De Wit.

 The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T is 1.463.700 SHU

Here is a video of the first time Neil tried the Butch T Scorpion – Enjoy

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