How to store chilli seeds

How to store chilli seeds

chilli seeds

If you aren’t going to sow the seeds you bought from us within a month you need a few tips on storage:

  • Take the chilli seeds out of the little plastic bag and put them in a paper envelope e.g. a coin paper envelope
  • Keep them in a dry dark place – for example in a drawer
  • If you store them in the fridge be sure to eliminate excess moisture
  • We DO NOT recommend freezing them..!!!
  • Remember to write the name of the chilli and the date on the envelope
  • If you store them in a plastic/glass container put in an equal amount of a drying agent such a Silica Gel (you can get them a EBay) or rice
  • Avoid storing in sunny places, in areas of high humidity or near a radiator
  • Seeds can last for about 5 years, if they are stored in a dry, dark and cool place

The little tiny seed is a living organism and it needs to be able to breathe. If seeds are stocked in a plastic bag with just a bit of moisture, mold will destroy the seeds.

We wish you an amazing season and hope you will have lots a beautiful chilli varieties with different flavours, different colours & cool looking shapes. 

Remember it is not just about the heat…


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