Shipping info

Overseas delivery time

Shipping info

Thank you for choosing The Hippy Seed Company. We will ship your order the same day or the day after. If you have ordered chilli pepper seeds, they are sent in an anonymous protected envelope with standard economy airmail.

Unfortunately you can’t track a normal airmail stamp. The pack and track option is very expensive and is only available for parcels.

We unfortunately can’t always guarantee full safe transit due to not being in control of worldwide postal services (usually we don’t have any problems).

Delivery times vary and here is our approximated guide:
Australia: 3-7 days
Europe: 20-30 days plus
Americas: 20-30 days plus
Asia & Africa: 30+ days

We know it is hard to wait and you want to start germinating your new chilli varieties, but sometimes custom or your country’s postal service delays your order.

If you live in South America or in Africa we like to give the seeds at least a 6 week chance to show up.
For more information about receiving chilli seeds outside Australia, please read here.


Other Chilli Products:

All other chilli products will be sent as a parcel (such as sauces, lollies etc.) due to weight and size.

For more specific info on your country’s delivery times and prices, please check Australia Post’s website

For Australian Customers

For more information about delivery times and prices, please click on this link to Australia Post.

We wish you an awesome chilli season.

Warm regards

Neil & Charlotte