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Trinidad Scorpion Yellow

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Trinidad Scorpion Yellow

“Amazing producer of huge yellow pods with a sweet fruity flavour and a ripper heat”

C. Chinense

The Trinidad Scorpion Yellow originates from Trinidad. This variety grows excellent in a pot and ours are nearly 1.5 metres high with an equal width, and imagine how big they will grow if you plant them in the ground.

It is a great producer of big yellow pods with a sweet fruity flavour and with that ripping Trinidad Scorpion heat. The pods grow as large as a tennis ball.

A stunning looking chilli plant when it’s full of yellow pods. An amazing producer and one of our favourite Chinense.

Would be a perfect chilli for anyone looking for making their own hot chilli sauce or dry them and make your own super charged chilli powder.

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Flavour: Very crunchy, sweet and fruity.

Heat level: Extreme heat

10-12 chilli seeds per pack

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