St. Martin Habanero


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St. Martin Habanero

C. Chinense

“Fantastic choice for a chilli sauce”

St. Martin Habanero is a Chinense variety that originates from the Caribbean. The plant itself grows more outwards rather than upwards. The plant looks stunning! However, we recommend that you put a few plant stakes to help the plant stay as upright as possible while holding all the fruits. When fully grown, the plant is full of golf ball sized pods, that starts a light green turning to a deep red on ripening. The pods provide an excellent burn, that tends to stay mostly on the tongue.

This chilli is a fantastic choice for a chilli sauce, powder, or Jamaican Jerk Pork.

This chilli is part of The Chef’s Chilli Choice variety pack & The Caribbean Chilli Pack.

Flavour: Sweet fruity flavour

Heat level: Hot

10-12 chilli seeds per pack.


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